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A year ago, Kappachan was just a mitigated feeling between the joy having adopted Yoda in a shelter and the frustration not having found a collar we liked. Kappachan is today a shock trio really motivated to introduce a fairly way of doing business for pets.


Her life : after a small turning on the scientific way, she has finally decided to study computer science to become computer engineer. But new technologies are a so interesting world that she specializes during a master in interactive media.

Her work : 2005 she set herself up in Belgium by creating ENILEDA, a firm developping websites starting out in this field even if her secret goal is to find the brillant idea which would lead to the launch of an online shop...


Her life : After her school leaving certificate, she decided to make a wonderful exchange year in Germany to see what's going on the other site of the border. Under constraint to come back to France to study, she joined a business highschool to reach a 5 years' higher education.

Her work : President of a solidary association, she discovered fair-trade, charities and work in team. After working in a communication agency, she set herself up with her brother but she always wants to introduce more sense in her work and dreams to show solidarity in a new way of doing business.


His life : Abandoned by family, Yoda hope that Michel, his guardian angel, will find him a new family as soon as possible. After waiting 9 hard months in a shelter, his wish came true when we have one day read on Internet that a lovely dog called Yoda could no longer live the life in shelter and that we decided to drive 300 km to go and adopt him.

His work : Just like to seal this new union, Yoda inspired us the idea of a joinly project : Kappachan. Not just another brand on the petmarket but a really solidarity project bound for homeless pets.

Last Updated ( 2007-10-16 )



Kappachan sera présent au Salon professionnel Expozoo les 7, 8 et 9 Juin 2015, Porte de Versailles, Paris

Kappachan sera présent au Salon professionnel Francevet les 12 et 13 Juin 2015, Porte de Versailles, Paris


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